New Project: Tempête MJ-2

Some years ago, I was made aware that an acquaintance would like to sell a homebuilt aircraft project, a Jurca MJ-2H Tempête. I acquired the aircraft to strengthen my skills in aircraft restoration and gain experience towards my EASA aircraft inspector license.

OY-BMW in better days. Picture by Bent Toft.

Marcel Jurca and the Tempête.

Marcel Jurca was a Romanian born French aircraft designer, who got much of his knowledge out of building Jodel aircraft. Hence, the Jurca designs show quite a few similarities to the famous light aircraft out of Blagnac. Besides the Tempête and her bigger sisters the Scirocco and Autan, Marcel Jurca is well knows as designer of (scale) warbird replicas such as the MJ-7 Gnatsum or MJ10 Spitfire.

The MJ-2 was Jurcas first flying design. The MJ-2 is a single seater, designed to be „le chasseur pour Monsieur Dupont“. With its 6 meter span, it has just a bit less wing area than a Pitts S-1. The Fuselage is said to be inspired by the Douglas A-1 Skyraider. Structurally it cannot deny the Jodel-Genes, and many Jodel parts were used, such as the landing gear and some fittings.

Purchasing OY-BMW

OY-BMW is the first aircraft, I purchased without an inspection. Actually, the project came as a package of two aircraft. With the yellow Tempête, there came a very raw project with serial number 79.

The second Tempête, as „advertised“. Picture by Bent Toft.

We drove up to Stauning with two trailers to get everything. Fortunately, the fuselage without rudder and propeller was just as long as our trailer and the two wings would fit into our old Ka2-glider trailer.

Initially I intended to show you some pictures of the transport to the Store in Rheine, but my cellphone with the pictures broke and I cannot access the pictures at the moment. I will show you the pictures, once I managed to access the cellphone memory.

Moving into the Workshop

Now, after sitting in our storage in Rheine for almost two years, it was time to move into our workshop in Flensburg.

Good to have a big trailer…
… and a warm workshop …

With the fuselage placed into the workshop, I am about to start restauration and inspection work.

I will try to document the steps necessary to bring an amateur built experimental aircraft back into the air. Other than certified aircraft, where design and built quality are monitored for the owner by the agencies, homebuilt aircraft do not come with this comfort. So either you trust the designer and builder, or you need to check yourself. Or, as a matter of practicability, you would need to do a mix of both.

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